VP3D Training System

Choose the most advanced system and experience a fully-immersive virtual reality experience.

The VP3D system requires a user to wear a VR headset and operate a spray gun controller. The VP3D software simulates spray finishing of 3D parts in a paint booth.

The Most Realistic Virtual Reality Training Software

We supply you with all you need to get started, with options for software upgrades to enhance your three dimensional education experience.

Base Hardware
  • High-performance VR ready laptop
  • VIVE Pro Kit
  • Standard spray gun controller
Base Software License

The primary components of the VP3D base software consist of atomized droplet simulation, paint booth environment, spray gun modeling, part modeling, precise tracking, real-time performance feedback, realistic data, and an easy-to-use virtual interface.

Upgrade Your System

Value added features can improve the realism of the simulation and streamline the training process through automation and data collection. We offer instructor upgrades, part packages, equipment upgrades, and practice mode upgrades.

Instructor Upgrades

Lesson Plan

Create a customized lesson plan that provides a structured non-biased process to capture user results for selection, benchmark performance, and advancement.

Session Review

Record and playback sessions to analyze individual VR performance wearing the headset or group learning on the classroom display.

Core Skills Lab

Provide automated user experience to learn about the fundamentals of spray techniques.

Coating Customization

Create coatings to use in practice or lesson plans.


Provide custom branding for the VR spray booth and performance reports. Package includes quick and easy score sheets, the capability to export and email participant reports.

Part Packages

Provide access to additional paintable industry-specific part models.
  • Automotive
  • Furniture
  • Aerospace
  • Industrial
  • Military Vehicles

Equipment Upgrades

Overhead Conveyor

Allow users to spray moving parts. VR interface provides the capabilities to load parts onto the conveyor and adjust part spacing and line speed.

Spray Gun Models

Additional spray gun models for new gun types or brands.

Practice Mode Upgrades

Voice Command

Enable voice recognition to easily control the VR menu options in practice mode only.