VirtualPaint is the best available technology to implement a standardized, cost-effective and sustainable in-house training program.

Cost effective and environmental training system for spray painters

VirtualPaint is a highly adaptable virtual reality training simulator that mimics a fully customized painting and coating production environment. 

  • Take hands-on training out of the spray booth and into the classroom
  • Customize coatings, parts and equipment to replicate day-to-day operations
  • Track data in real time to quantify painter skills
  • Allows for continual practice and immediate feedback
  • Completely eliminates hazardous air emissions and waste
  • Significantly reduces the proper spray application learning curve
  • Benefits experienced and novice painters
  • Unlimited practice parts and coating at the touch of a button
  • Use for hiring skill assessments and re-training evaluations

VirtualPaint Technology

Advancements in VR technologies have created exciting opportunities for organizations of all sizes to transform the value of workforce training. VirtualPaint™ is an educational VR training system. Developed thirteen years ago based on a training philosophy to use technology to engage safe classroom learning, build self-confidence, display immediate feedback, motivate performance improvement and eliminate resource consumption. VirtualPaint™ integrates commercially available third-party hardware, custom spray gun controllers and software products. System operation integrates a spray gun controller, motion tracking and research-based software to calculate meaningful performance feedback. Visual and statistical results create immediate accountability benchmarks that are nonbiased and easy to understand. VirtualPaint™ is the best available technology to implement a standardized, cost-effective and sustainable in-house training program.


Operates the fully-immersive headset VirtualPaint™ system. The base software includes one standard gun controller model, VP3D part package, unrestricted practice capabilities, basic spray adjustments and multiple part positions. Software upgrades include capabilities and features that enhance the base software.


Operates the semi-immersive flat screen VirtualPaint™ system. The base software provides unlimited practice capabilities using available parts and finishing materials. Software upgrades can be purchased at any time and include Skill Evaluation, Competition and Kiosk Spray Modes.

Training Classes

The VirtualPaint™ specialist will work with each member to analyze training needs and create an implementation plan for the VirtualPaint™ training program. The class is a two-day commitment and involves group review of how VirtualPaint™ training materials can be used in current form or customized to meet the needs of the training program.