The VirtualPaint Products Difference

Experience the difference virtual reality training can offer for your company and beyond.

Our product was created on the idea to reduce training costs and increase safety. Combining software simulation with advanced hardware technologies led to making spray application training more effective.

Changing the Way Painters Train

In the past, the only way to educate and train painters involved costly, time consuming, and labor intense in-booth training. Today, VirtualPaint provides realistic hands-on painter virtual reality (VR) training that can be conducted in a classroom. There’s no more waiting for coating to be mixed, parts to dry, or materials to be provided. Instructors can watch students practice what they have learned.

We provide a training manual or you can create your own lessons and add your painters into custom classes. You can track their progress, improvements, and have access to reports documenting an assessment of their performance.

More Benefits of VirtualPaint Training

Using the virtual reality training that VirtualPaint offers completely eliminates hazardous air emissions and waste. Our product significantly reduces the proper spray application learning curve. Instructors are able to provide precise feedback benefits to both experienced and novice painters. Plus, with virtual reality training, you have unlimited access to practice parts and coating at the touch of a button.

An Award Winning System

In 2012, the IWRC began working with The Ames Laboratory and Praxik, LLC to redesign the VirtualPaint software. The objective was to improve software capabilities so that VirtualPaint could be a more effective and comprehensive training system. Based on six years of customer feedback, three years of applied research and more than a year of software development, the newest version of the software, VP8, was released in 2013. As a result of the significant improvements to the software, VirtualPaint won the Excellence in Technology Transfer award from the Federal Laboratory Consortium Mid-Continent Region.

In 2013, the growing exposure of VirtualPaint in Europe resulted in new partnerships with Canescens BV and Praxik, LLC to develop localization software capabilities and explore distribution opportunities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. At the first exhibition in Paris, VirtualPaint was honored by receiving the EQUIP AUTO International Grands Prix for Automotive Innovation.

With the help of clients, industry partners and our development teams, the IWRC plans to continue improving capabilities of our VirtualPaint system to meet the training needs of the future.