VP2D Training System

VirtualPaint’s easiest and safest virtual reality training method. Improve your training efficiency with this user-friendly education software.

The VP2D training system functions by a user operating a spray gun controller to apply virtual paint on parts of a TV or projection screen, creating a semi-immersive experience.

Foster Real-Time Instructor and Trainee Conversation

We supply you with all you need to get started, with options for software upgrades to enhance your experience.

Base Hardware
  • VR ready laptop
  • VIVE starter kit
  • Standard spray gun controller
VP2D Base Software License

The base software license includes the practice mode which provides an easy method for trainers to teach while trainees have unlimited opportunities to safely practice without consuming resources or making a mess.

We offer the opportunity to upgrade your VP2D training software. Our upgrade options provide added capabilities to structure lesson plans and collect performance data to improve training efficiency and value for training classes and promotional activities.

Skill Evaluation Mode

Skill Evaluation or Instructor Design Mode is used to create user accounts and customize lesson plans. Lesson plans allow instructors to streamline training and standardize how performance metrics can be captured per user. Instructors can view and print reports.

Competition Mode