About VirtualPaint Products

Experience the difference virtual reality can make.

Since 2006, VirtualPaint Products has been making a difference in training institutions and painting operations. VirtualPaint Products introduced virtual reality (VR) as a means to enhance painter training capabilities.

The History of VirtualPaint Products

VirtualPaint Products is an interactive and competitive method of learning, practicing, and analyzing film thickness consistency and transfer efficiency. The Iowa Waste Reduction Center (IWRC), a program at the University of Northern Iowa, developed VirtualPaint to focus on three primary goals to support a growing training program.

  • Schedule larger class sizes without sacrificing individual hands-on training.
  • Control material usage costs.
  • Avoid permit restriction that limited the volume of material that could be sprayed per day.

It didn’t take long for the benefits of VR training to reach other institutions and various painting operations. By 2011, VirtualPaint Products had sold a total of 90 systems to a variety of industries including technical schools, unions, trade organizations, industrial, military, and coating manufacturers. Since its inception, IWRC has developed five versions of the original VirtualPaint software, two versions of an airless paint model, and one version of an abrasive blasting model.

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Change The Way You Train

VirtualPaint changes the game when it comes to training. As soon as the user pulls the spray gun trigger, VirtualPaint software generates a spray pattern based on real world relationships including flow rate, transfer efficiency and film thickness. Performance results are non-biased and represent the user’s ability to identify an effective plan of attack including equipment set-up and spray technique.

Instructors can easily demonstrate spray technique relationships regarding the set-up, movement, and position of the spray gun in relation to the virtual part. Users can then practice continually without generating any waste and performance can be immediately evaluated using the assessment mode and performance metrics.